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you are eligible to be listed only if you meet all of the below conditions. be honest so that this resource can be used for whom it was made. we trust you to identify yourself and your needs correctly.

this site is not for rapid response funding. if you need monetary redistribution within a short period of time, we recommend using another resource.

if you already filled out the form once, you are already listed. you should not fill out the form more than once; if you do so, your responses will be deleted and removed.


  1. you are working-class and/or low-income. your household income is significantly below median, and you do not have enough savings to live comfortably. you do not have access to material wealth.

  2. you are Black and/or Indigenous. your racial/ethnic heritage means you are part of one or both of these specific historically dispossessed groups.

  3. you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, intersex, non-binary, Two-Spirit, and/or queer. you identify as a gender/sexual minority. 

you will not be asked to disclose any disability/chronic illness or incarceration status, but we encourage you to fill out the form if those apply to you, to be prioritized for redistribution.

if eligible, fill out the below form or at

if applicable, the form can be filled out by someone on behalf of an eligible person who cannot fill it out themselves (e.g., an incarcerated person or a person without reliable internet access).

fill out the form once and only once.

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