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what is this?

redistribute directly is a project to connect individuals in need of long-term material support with those who can and should redistribute funds so that money is directly transferred.

the home page lists information about each redistributee: name, bio, payment platform/handle, and other kinds of material support if applicable (e.g., what they can be hired for). any visitor to this page can use the information to redistribute directly to the individual. click on the person's card to expand and read in full. include a note with the recipient's name and "redistribute directly" with your transfer.

material redistribution is a tool toward equity in this capitalist, white supremacist, colonialist global regime that concentrates wealth and power into those who are already wealthy and powerful.

community/grassroots fundraising is important work that we respect, e.g., twitter threads with individuals' venmo or cashapp handles. we hope that the redistribute directly site is a longer-lasting container for such information that is accessible to people who are not necessarily on social media platforms.

the one-to-one redistribution that this project encourages means there is no reliance on the nonprofit-industrial complex or an intermediary (besides the payment platform) to patronizingly monitor usage of funds.

who is this for?

redistributees who are listed to receive material support are individuals who are working-class/low-income; black and/or indigenous; and LGBTQ2S+. see eligibility conditions for more details. they are receiving funds that were stolen from them by oppressive systems.

redistributors who come to this site can include you! anyone who is financially comfortable with a stable job or means of income generation and/or significant savings and who is prepared to act for a more just world should strongly consider redistributing $20, $50, $100, or more.

for context, in the united states the individual poverty threshold is about $13,000 annually and the median personal annual income is about $31,000. you don't have to be "mega-rich" to do your part in redistribution. you can redistribute to multiple people and multiple times.

report your redistribution so this project's impact can be tracked.

shouldn't these people get a job? what if they use the funds i give for bad purposes?

much of the modern economy is based on centuries of large-scale theft of indigenous and black resources and labor, through genocide and slavery. marginalized people are often violently excluded from the traditional job market due to their class background, race, gender, and/or sexual orientation.


it's up to those of us with more access to material resources to redistribute more fairly. it's not your place to judge the constrained choices that oppressed people make with funds in their control, in a system that conspires to take away their freedom. if you have concerns, perhaps you are more suited to charity organizations. but that is not the same as radical direct redistribution.

don't the taxes i pay already do enough redistribution?

while governments have a responsibility to use their collected revenues to support their residents with the least means, the social safety net in many countries and certainly in the united states is woefully inadequate. state benefits are not enough to survive on, and too much of taxes are spent on imperialist war-mongering.

you don't have to wait for government to do the right thing for you to redistribute directly now.

why don't your eligibility conditions include x type of people?

redistribute directly was created specifically for people who we believe are high priority for direct redistribution. this project's defined scope doesn't prevent you from making your own project that covers other people or from redistributing directly elsewhere.

how can i get listed?

check the eligibility conditions and fill out the intake form here if you meet the conditions. it will always be free to be listed on this redistribute directly site.

what if i have another question?

submit your question through the contact form here.

how else can i help?
  • contact us if you have ideas and capacity to further build out this project with more website functionality/design, resources, readings, etc.

  • share this page for more redistributors to give and for more redistributees to get listed. #redistributedirectly

  • subscribe for infrequent updates about this project

  • give to other individuals and projects, especially on a recurring basis. some examples:

    • @forthegworls (instagram): raising money to assist with Black trans folks’ rent & affirmative surgery

    • Indigenous Mutual Aid: ceremony & solidarity, not charity

    • Decolonizing Wealth: move untethered resources that can help shape a future in which we can all heal from generations of colonial trauma and truly thrive in our cultures

    • Black & Pink: for currently/formerly incarcerated LGBTQIA2S+ people/people living with HIV/AIDS 

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